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Ingen Cold Air Intake

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i'm selling my cai. I bought it like maybe less than a month ago and i just had the short ram on but i need money. Its in very good condition nothing wrong with it i still have the box and i didn't even touch the cai extention so yea. i paid full price for it and the credit card bill is coming around so i'm just asking for 260. if u want it give me an offer just comment it or something.
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250 obo i haven't even used use the cai yet i was just used as shortram.
Hey bro just to let you know, TRDsparks is selling the CAI with shipping and everything for $230.40, so I think your price is a bit off.
yeah dude price is too high..i bought mine for 235...
lol #### ok so i returned it and go springs does any one want springs then 30 bucks off the price i get them for
how much are you paying for the springs?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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