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Infinity Perfect 10 VQ - $119

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At (yeah i know they're expensive, but i like the quality of service and support there, and the website is awesome) the 10" Infinity Kappa Perfect 10 VQ subwoofer is selling for $119 because of a "wrinkled label" that you can't even really see (pic below). Obviously, this doesn't affect performance at all. The normal kappa perfect 10 VQ is selling on crutchfield for $250, and a little under $200 elsewhere. I want to know if you guys think this is a good deal for $119... I'm planning to hopefully get my hands on one of Alpman's enclosures as soon as I can, and this would be the sub I'm putting in it. I like Alpine a lot, I have a CDA-9835 HU with the Alpine iPod interface, but if this is a sub worth $250 available NEW for $119, I think I will go for it. And I've heard good things about Infinity, I just want you guys to back it up if possible

So, tell me what you think! If it really is good, everyone else on here knows about it now too

here's the comparison pic... the sub with the wrinkled label is on the left, and a normal one on the right. as you can tell, i'm pretty sure a flat label isn't worth $130

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if that sub has what u want, definately go for it, infinty is quality, and crutchfield will give u anyhting u need for the install, and then some, i love those guys thats a damn good deal so long as it doesnt effect performance, which it sounds like it wont
I would agree. I put Infinity Reference speakers in my dad's Intrepid around October and he's totally amazed with them. They're still on the crappy factory stereo and he says it's the best thing he's ever done to his car, aside from fixing broken stuff
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Pretty good deal for an Infinity Perfect. I'm running Perfect 12's in my wifes car and they are great performers. They hit hard without sacrificing a tight sound. Oh and I agree about Crutchfield's service being very good.
Wrinkled labels are nothing a little 'goo gone' can't fix.
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