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In dash dvd/navi etc

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I want to ask you guys with ICE questions. What deck instead of eclipse would fit in our tC perfectly and have the steering wheel buttons work? Im looking at a Pioneer AVIC-D1, a kenwood and some other ones but i dont know if they will have the functions of a eclipse. Any help? Thanks.

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before jake pwns you, next time search... this has been discussed before, an eclipse can fit in the deck area w/o modification and would be your best option...


pioneer or kenwood might need some modification to fit... i am personally looking at an eclipse, just need to find the model that will still allow me to control my iPod through the deck...
he wants to know what deck BESIDES the eclipse!
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the kenwood deck IMO looks too wide to fit... the eclipse fit and had to have the deck spacer added to keep it centered in the area... im not sure about the pioneer though...
eclipse owns everyone, dont rule them out...

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i have a kenwood ddx-8017 and it fits nice and centered with the brackets off of the factory radio but i cant close the flip down thingy the whole way and my trim piece that came came with the radio wont fit so there are gaps on the sides. im going ot have to custom make a trim piece. i can take pics if u would like to see.
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