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import racer's front cover scion

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i got my new copy of IR. And to my suprise its a scion tc on the front cover! and i was reading it and looking at the pictures was the 20' neccessary for the tires or just another way nitto can sell product. i mean if that car cant be a daily driver the muffler will be ripped right off cause of how low it is! like ive seen on a fixed up honda civic
but thats another story.
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20 foot wheels? Thats like Super Bigfoot.
oops i mean 20 inch tires!
sorry wasnt paying attention. u know crackheads can't type
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Originally posted by 1OfTheNuTC@Mar 11 2005, 02:13 AM
u know crackheads can't type
Hell yeah! Fellow hitter of the pipe in the hizouse.
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