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I'm usually not the type to be racing, but these fools were asking for it..

Red light, silver cavalier pulls up.. and guns his engine.. first I ignore the guy and just mind my business.. then green light.. next light.. he gives me the finger so i close my window/moon roof.. turn the AC off, lower the music ... green light.. it was the best launch i've done since I learned to drive the manual on the tC... look over to the left side mirror and saw that he stalled out.. LOL I slow down and let him catch up.. and give him the hazard lights.. open up my moon roof stick my hand up and gave him the finger and sped off..

few hours later.. i see the new 06 civic.. couple of younger kids.. maybe 18 or 19 they said they wanted to go at it.. hands down.. it was over after 3rd gear.. good bye little civics..

thats my 2 story that happened in a day.. probably won't ever see me posting in the racing section again, but till next time.. enjoy!!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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