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I'm not so new

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I'm me.

I am a cancer and I enjoy long drives in other peoples tC's

I sell scion with some other guy on this site.

what is the internet?
there is no spoon.
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I don't think you're a cancer.

Though you may HAVE cancer with all the smoking you do....
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perhaps it is a little of both. i think there might be a plan in the works to reduce the chances of getting it. And really there is nothing I can do about when I was born, so, I think you get the picture.

I think other people need to introduce themselfs. lets get this forum started.
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[sings] get down on it.... get down on it.... [/sings]
The more I read your threads today... the more I think you're drunk! Hahahaha....
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*in an affeminite voice* hi, my name is alex, and I'm an aquarius.....I enjoy long walks on the beach, and beautiful sunsets....I take rose baths every morning to keep my skin supple soft.......ok........I'm done.
LOL!!!! You really need to start your own thread... alexa.
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I thought I would bring back this thread to announce that I actually own a tC now. YAY ME!
Thank god.
^^^ no doubt. no more beetle.

(i drove his tC before he did.)
I wouldn't tell him that. Hehe
Its about frickin' time! Of course that means you actually belong here now.
if feels so good to finally belong.
Now he can rice out his tC!!!
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