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I'm no Alpman but...

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here is my custom amp place...cut a hole in the floor of the trunk...put some plexiglass in and presto...a new place to put my i had to match it with the interior lights so i lit it ya go...

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Looks pretty good! I especially like the Type-S woofers...JK. Really though, nice job.
Don't the type S woofer have hte same basket and everything as the type E, with just a different cone?
very nice install im impressed
are those 10" or 12" woofers?
sweet install... how did you do the plexiglass?
12" woofers...bought plexiglass from home depot 13 is actually alot bigger than the hole that i cut...anyways i just kinda knotched the styrofoam under the mat and made the plexiglass fit in the knotches then i just cut the hole in the floor board and that was all in all it cost me 13 bucks...oh and the plastic surrounding the hole was just some posterboard trim and i just took it off the poster and tap it over the floorboard
very clean.. i like how the cargo cover looks like it could still fit (to hide the box from theives).. also the amp in the floor is a nice touch.. the holes of course for heat venting, but having it out of the way like that keeps all those wires nice and clean.. nice job..
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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