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I want a fog light for my tc!

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Got my tC on Dec..wanna do some upgrade now..the biggest problem now is that i don't know which custom fog light well best fit the me out...thanks.
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What's wrong with the one scion offers?
So you only want one fog light? Would you mount that in the middle or what?
I actually like the one Scion offers over all the other ones I've seen.
I think the price is too high for the ones from Scion, plus I've started to notice them on every other Matrix I see...
I'm happy with My Foglights, they look tight, with the profile of the tC headlights... Although you may want to do a full conversion on all of your headlights like this.
i don't know those fog light offered by scion..i like sth like(forgot his name)'s (IS300) sth like that...

Where i installed them

Cant see the fogs at night

unless they are on!

i love em....
need more info..
email me... if you cant find my email
pm me...have a nice day
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Thos fog lights would be OK if they weren't blue...
ohh sorry never replied back... i dont use i use SL alot more
yea a week later i did a custom vinyl up and their darker now...

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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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