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i saw a Flint tC today on Sunrise blvd today...

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so today i was sitting in my friends corolla talkin away like usual when i choked on my words and started pointing and freakin out. It was the car i'm waiting for...a Flint Mica tC...(ahh, the holy light shines, then fades as car drives away). I just kept stuttering and waving at the they knew me. They of course just kept driving probably not even noticing though they would know i'm waiting for a tC. So i just wanted to see if it was anyone on here...and if so hi, i told you i'd wave.
By the way it was like around 4-5ish at the intersection of Sunrise and just let me know if its one of you lovely peoples. love ya byee.
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i dont have a tC so, I guess it wasn't me. unless i was driving damon's car.... stranger things have happened.
hah, it might have been me, I think I drove that route back from work that day. Don't get a flint mica, get a different color!!!
I'm starting to see more of those than any other color...

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that is what i have been trying to tell her!
It seemed like most of the tCs that joined us for the Lap Around the Bay were Flint Mica...

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Not that flint is a bad color. But, ALL the color choises are nice. especially the indigo
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i know i know...i shouldve fallen in love with another color. And it will be especially hard for me because that color is soo popular because im the type who likes to stand out and have something different. Guess that won't be happening. Oh well. Maybe if moriarty gives me a heads up i can come down and check out the other colors before they are dirven away...maybe...MAYBE i might change my mind because i do wanna be different and i AM very impatient nowadays.
I'll call you when the cars get here!
I really like Flint Mica, but I had to check out the Indigo Ink Pearl in person before I made a decision... They weren't getting any IIP tCs in for a couple weeks, so I had to see what it looked like on an xA. Once I was able to see it in the shade and sun & I was sold
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The Azure is kinda growing on me too.
i'll be waiting for your call might be able to persuade me with a beautiful color other than flint. I mean dont get me wrong i like the indigo but my jetta was a darkblue color and i want somethign a bit different. I've had white and hated it, blue was okay, black was awful and the red truck i have now makes me wanna vomit. So hey maybe something i see will do the trick and i'll drive away with that instead of a flint. We'll see.
moriarty - i know you werent driving my car at that moment, cause i took my keys to seattle with me. so you wouldnt be tempted.
Damon, if you paid closer attention, you would see Mori wrote that almost a month ago.
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i was in seattle then too. didnt know you had my travel schedule in your PDA.
guess money cant buy accuracy.
There are plenty of things money can't buy.
moriarty is not one of them.
Mori can definitely be bought. Like Ted DiBiase once said "Every man has his price."

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