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I need help fast, scractched bottom of my lip

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Okay, so I did the stupid thing of trying to drive and park in a hilly area -____-, and i wasn't paying attention. I sorta like hit the curb, and scractched the paint off the bottom of my ground effects bumper like right in front. You can't see it, but i know where it is and if i lay on the ground i can see like the 2 spots, they are like identical and symetrical on both sides. What should i do?, Should i wax it? then wash? Should i wait for touch up paint then wash it? The 2 spots are like completely scractched off, all i see is like a rusty color

thnx for ur help
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its hard to tell you without seeing the it down to the primer??? I would assume it is, so your best bet is to wash it, then use some touch-up paint. Let that dry and then wax over it. - t
well, i 0n0 what its made of, but i know for sure like all the white paint is gone, i see sort of a rusty brown color, so i think i scraped off the paint or what not, daym i dont have any touch up paint, what shall i do for now?
For now..... be cautious with your lip kit.....VERY cautious.

For later.... T Crazy said it.
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hehe, newayZ, luckily, when i called the dealer, he said that the touch up paint was on sale! haha so i went to go pick it up and i applied some on after cleaning the lil scratches. I plan to apply couple of layers then sand it down later. all in all its a good lesson =) thnx guys
Better car care has a how to repair a scratch article which is very informative. I used the step by step process when I had been a victim of a hit and run on my front bumper. Came out pretty good a lot less noticable. I have pics of before and after in my sig its the last page.
Hope this helps.
hye man thnx, great article
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