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I fuggin love it

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whiskey foxtrot tango, i got rust on the tC

tCrazy was right.... rusting already.

what a fuggin POS

i am pissed.
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please refrain from using words which are meant to be words that are curses:D
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ouch. that sux. what are you gonna do about it?
i would take that thing back to the dealer bro
isn't there a rust warrenty?
Yeah there is a warranty for rust and that kind of stuff, its up to 10 years I think.
60month/unlimited miles corrosion perforation.
please refrain from using words which are meant to be words that are curses:D[/b]
why, ya dont freakin like it? well fug me ill stop then

60month/unlimited miles corrosion perforation.[/b]
Well back to the dealer i go.... what if it is from a rock chip??? its on the back hatch and i dont see how rocks could get there... HMMM.
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Let us know what happens in case this comes up with any of the rest of us..
Yes there is a rust warranty and like them all it is for perforatiion....a hole through a panel. You may have to wait a while. I would imagne mine is rusting somewhere also.
A pic maybe? Rust caused by damaged paint won't be covered by rust warranty I imagine.

umm.... pimp.

i dont have a digicam, so.
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