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I FOUND A LAPTOP!.. need advice

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hi guys..

i borrowed a laptop and i'm on a blazing 56K connection haha...

i'll be moving into my apartment on wednesday and the cable internet should be turned on and ready for me to get online as soon as i hook it up.

anyways.. i need some advice. my tC is two weeks old and i have leather seats as some of you may know from my pics in the members section. anyways everything about my car has been great and i felt SOO lucky that i haven't had any of the problems other people seem to be having.

so here comes my first issue. on the side of the back of the front seats (did that make sense?), there is the small lever that we pull up to push the seats forward so the backseats can be accessed. well the way the leather (and maybe the fabric too?) is done is they basically just cut a hole in the leather about the size of the lever part but make it a bit smaller so they can tuck the excess behind the lever, thereby giving a clean look. well there's a small portion of my leather.. about an inch long that seems to have been cut too big so it does not stay tucked in and creeps out every now and then. i am able to see the white fabric or whatever it is under the leather.. its about an inch long. once i move into my place i can take pics and post them. I attempted to tuck the leather back in and for the most part it stays but i think eventually it comes back out on its own.

anyways, the leather seats were a dealer option and not factory so i don't think they are covered under warranty. i called my dealer today and talked to the service guy and described to him my problem. he said they could probably fix it but they'd have to keep my car which is a no can do for me since my dealer is in PA and i am now in DC.. 6 hr drive rd trip? nu uh.. not happening.

so since it is a dealer option and not a factory option, i don't think local dealers will service my problem. anyways... after all that basically i want advice.

should i:
1) do the 6 hr rd trip? (gas cost will be about $50+, plus the hassle)
2) try to get it fixed at the local dealer? (which im gonna try any way)
3) just shove the leather back in best i can and not worry about it so much.

if anybody else has any other solutions i'd be glad to hear them! i was thinking maybe i could find some kind of glue where i could glue the leather in behind the plastic around the lever so that it stays but i have no idea what glue to use and i don't wanna use something that'll just come apart later or damage the leather and make it look worse later on.

sorry for the long post but i wanted to describe my situation in detail to get the best advice!!!

thanks in advance for all your suggestions
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[.02] shoot them in the face with a bazooka.....

get the facility to fix their f*ck up and compensate you for your time and more importantly the gas money to get it down to the dealership.
i think they will repair the seat for free but i highly doubt they'd pay for my gas or time!
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Duct tape.
Fixes everything.
Call the dealership, tell them that you're going to take it to a local dealer and demand that they pay for the repairs.
Originally posted by Labfish@Oct 19 2004, 04:24 AM
Duct tape.
Fixes everything.
If it's moving and it shouldnt - ductape, if it's not moving and it should - WD-40!

But with leather you'll need a can of whoopass for the dealer that did the install. If they don't want to pay someone local for repairs - make them send you a new seat and a return label so you can ship them bad seat back for repairs
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Originally posted by moriarty@Oct 18 2004, 06:24 PM
[.02] shoot them in the face with a bazooka.....
OMG when I read that I was laughing soo hard. My abs started to hurt really bad cause I worked out my abs last night. Bad combo

Anyways thats some poor "installation" of the leather. U should definitely kick them in the balls.
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I would ask the dealer what they plan to do to fix it and if its something you could easily do yourself. If all they are going to do is glue it why waste the gass and 6hour drive for something you can do yourself. Find out what they use and pick it up at your local advance or autozone.
that's what i was thinkin.. if the fix will cost me less than $50 to do then i'd just do it myself! ...
Call a local upholstery shop and see what they say... who knows, they might do it for free if it's easy/quick enough... Otherwise, I'd see if you can get the original dealership to reimburse you for it...
Originally posted by zoltiz@Oct 19 2004, 06:31 AM
If it's moving and it shouldnt - ductape, if it's not moving and it should - WD-40!
Hell yeah!
well the dealer took out my seat and is sending it back to get redone.. it was all covered under warranty .. lucky them. if they said that i had to pay for it, i was gonna trash their service center.

anyways... im going to pick it up on saturday... so hopefully i won't find any ore problems... so far that's my first and only problem!! and let it be the very last!!! :-D
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