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i don't think Ipod is worth the upgrade

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i just had some thoughts and analysis that i want to share with you guys. altho the ipod upgrade seems like a pretty cool idea, i don't think it's worth the money. hear me out: the upgrade is about 260 bucks, and if u don't already have an ipod, u have to buy an ipod, so dats like 460 bucks at least out of the pocket. and who really maxes out the spaces on their ipod to really put like thousands of songs in it? not many. the pioneer system that already comes with the car, the CD player plays MP3's. so that means u can burn a CD and u can put 200 songs on there and a CD-R will only costs u cents in the making. and if u wanna "update" ur list of songs in the car? just burn a new CD and throw away the old one. which in the mean time, will only costs u a few cents. and if u already have an ipod, the original pioneer system already comes with a connector for MP3 players, if not u can just get "itrips" which will only cost u like 30 bucks. and sound quality is just as good. well, im not here to bash on anyone or to offend anyone, but to merely share my thoughts and my analysis on this topic. thanks for reading guys.

what i'm doing for my 06 tC: instead of ipod, i bought "Creative Zen Micro 5MB MP3 player"..that thing is a dream, i like it a lot better than the ipod actually, a lot of my friends that have ipods really like it too. i'm thinking im just gonna stick with the original system and just use my Zen and connect it. and use that 260 bucks for the ipod upgrade to get an aftermarket system.
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i think it makes since for people with iPods. I played with one yesterday, it was kinda cool to use the head unit to contol the ipod. all eyes on the road now, not looking down into the center console.

but, there are other ways of doing things. personally, i rock the WMA and MP3 cds.

the upgrade is cool for the avarage person. but, some people want something a little different, those people walk the road less traveled. it sounds like you are one of those people.
I ordered my 06 with the iPod stereo, and yes it's an extra $260. The actual stereo unit itsself is about $500+, but they lower it to $260 when they take out the stock stereo. But seeing as how I own and LOVE my iPod mini to death, I'll be using it all of the time in my tC. But yes you're right, if you don't allready own an iPod, just burn mp3 cd's. That's what my buddy does who bought an 05.
i have 2 ipods, one regular one and one shuffle (i'm a runner.) from what i understand, the shuffle won't work with the ipod connecter. also will it really kill you to simply use your ipod to change songs? i mean looking down isnt to difficult. the ipod will eventually be outdated, so if you plan to drive this car for a while, don't expect the ipod to come with.

i love ipods (i had one before it became cool, back when 10 gigs was a big thing) but i still dont see the point in spending almost the same price as the $300 ipod itself to use it in your car, espessially (spelling?) when a mp3 connector comes standard.
They don't make 10 gig iPods currently. The 3G iPod (w/ 4 buttons and a scroll wheel) was the last one offered with a 10 gig capacity. I have one that I use in my car/work/travel etc.

I'd really like a 60 gig, because I could easily fill it 3 or 4 times over, but I just can't part with the $ required to get one. My 10 gig was a wedding present...and the best wedding present we got.
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