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man. im sorry to hear those stories but here in jacksonville and orlando, everyone wants to race you. from what i recall, i've lost more than i've won probably because sometimes i back down once i'm like 5 over the speed limit. i'm very paranoid about getting a ticket. the best races i've had was against my cousin's new 2003 black celica gt. well... her car is new but its a used car. i had from 0-45 which was the speed limit. i was surprised she kept up with me a little because she was a little new to driving. so she kept goin past 45 and i let her beat me.

the other one was with my friend who drives a 2004 black mitsubishi ralliart --> a perfect match and comparison to the tC in terms of hp and torque. each race we did was really close. we both one each time, so we need to race a third to see which one is actally the fastest.

if you guys live near jacksonville or are planning to come here, we have the best roads to race on. the best places to race is on Beach Blvd., St. Johns Bluff, 9A,
try not to race on Atlantic Blvd or Southside Blvd or the cops will get you!
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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