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yea, i get what you're saying however, its not that we dont EVER get challenged.. its more like.. not alot. it all depends on how you drive also. in my 98 accord, i used to drive like an idiot and rev the crap out of it. so i get hit up often. it was also cuz i had loud exhausts and my car whistled cuz of an air leak somewhere in the throttle body area. ever since i got the tc though, i never really get hit up, only by clearly faster cars like wrx, evos, rsx-s, maybe some hatches and tegs, gti's and eclipses. but thats only every so often.

i think exhaust the the number one thing that attracts other cars to race. loud and rowdy exhaust makes it sound like you're hittin them up. other times i just think people are jealous cuz they see a nice car and wanna say so what, my car is faster than yours. however, most of the time i end up playing cat and mouse instead of actually racing. traffic is usually a bitch so its just someone trying to pull away while the other is trying to keep up.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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