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Huntersville/North Charlotte Areas

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Watch your tC's!! There has been a rash of car breakins especially around the exit 25 area off 77. There have been 3 cars broken into at the restaurant where I work at in the past 2 weeks alone. Plus the officer said it has been happening at several other places around that area. Thank goodness my car wasn't messed with. Just wanted to get the warning out.
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Here's a little secret - if a thief doesn't think there is anything of value in your car, they probably won't break into it. Keep your car clean (i.e. coats / purses / CD's out of view in the trunk / console) and you probably won't have a problem.

BTW I live off exit 28 and didn't hear about that but thanks for the 411.
UNCC's seen a rash of civics/integra's friend's 94 integra got stolen a couple of weeks ago. they strip what they can from the car then ditch it in a parking lot.
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