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Huess's tC with Custom Brake Light Spoiler

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Don't complaint about my pixs's quality becoz i took it with my cell phone...


Finally I got my HID and Spoiler tooks me few months to finished..Low $$$...

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does the spoiler have a brake light? where did u get it?
dont dif the spoiler
That's the way to do it. Great job on customizing the spoiler!
couldnt you just change the bulbs to get the blue light effect??
The HID looks nice. But I'm not feeling the spoiler.(Honda)
to 1sikTC:
Well.. that's the only custome spoiler with brake light i had found...

to HaTeOnThYs05:
Hid and Blue bulb is different..someone get him a link plx

to ocscion:
you don't see it's with brake light!? Got it on Ebay!!
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i couldnt believe my eyes, haha, looks tight. the brake light on the trunk doesnt work?
Originally posted by HaTeOnThYs05@May 25 2005, 06:43 PM
couldnt you just change the bulbs to get the blue light effect??
Your post makes me so depressed.
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lol y is that?
whats so good about HID's?
That looks really good, is that the factory civic spoiler... i was wondering if that would work on the tC. Not sure i like the extra brake light tho, i never been a fan of 3rd brake lights
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Excellent choice of color.
Originally posted by HaTeOnThYs05@May 29 2005, 01:49 PM
whats so good about HID's?
HID's..... I'm assuming you've never driven with a pair of these hot toys..., Their great at night you can see everything coming up up at you from really far away. i have a pair and since i got them i love to drive at night.
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i love that spoiler, i think the 3rd brake light goes great with the rest of the car, and those HIDs, superb my friend
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Side windows are tinted 40% and Back 20%!!! It's illegal in NYC

I am thinking to install the Body Light Kid but don't know how it come up to... so still thinking abou it...~~
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