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How wide should I go

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Anyways my new tC is on order and i have picked out the rim I want. I just need to know if I should go with the Kazera KZ-S 19"x7.5" or the 19"x8.5"...Here is a link to the rim...tell me what ya think.

Kazera KZ-S
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Hey, pal.

Your link leads to a time-out message. Don't worry, I have the same problem linking to Tire Rack.

When you bring up the info page on the wheel (the page where you can zoom in for 1001x1001 view), do they list offsets for each of the two widths? I wouldn't recommend the 8.5 width if the offset is less than +40mm. If you decide to risk it with 8.5 on +35mm offset, you better not use tires wider than 225/40/18, as you will get rubbing in the rear, especially if you lower your car. I'm already cutting it insanely close on my car with 225/40/18s on 18x8.5 wheels (we're talking mere millimeters when compressed, enough that a change in camber will make the difference! I forget if my offset is +35 or +32, though).

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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