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How to remove OEM Gas Pedal?

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Hi, as some of you might remember my car was missing my OBX sports gas pedal, and i got it in the mail like a day ago. The instructions say to remove the pedal then take the obx pedal and apply like soapy water then just like slide it on, does anybody have any experience on how to do all of this cuz im quite confused as to how to remove the OEM pedal and stick the obx pedal on, and since a wrong installation can result in a very bad accident id like to get this right,

thank you

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the oem pedal they're talking about is on the brake. the gas pedal doesn't have a rubber cover on it to start with like the brake does, so there's nothing to pop off that one. just put the gas pedal cover right over the pedal--you have to wiggle it around a lot and pull up on the rubber to get it to stretch over the pedal. and i do recommend using some liquid soap and water, it makes it a lot easier to get it on.
yeah, just slide it on. put a couple of squirts of dish soap in an old windex bottle. fill it with water. shake well. and spray that on everything and it will slide on pretty easily.

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how do i know the pedal is secure cuz i dont want it like jiggling and wiggling as im driving thatd be scary
well, i'd say try it out so you can see how it fits--you can always take it off if you don't like it. the rubber keeps it on there pretty secure. i've had mine on for two days, and i haven't noticed any wiggling. it doesn't feel any different under my foot than the regular pedals did.
thank you very much, the only grip i have about these after market pedals is that you really can't adjust ur foot, after you have alrdy started driving, because of the rubber ball thingies, with the oem ones you could sorta slide ur foot around but i guess thats the whole point of the after market ones huh =)
yeah, you kinda have to get used to lifting your foot a little to reposition. mine are in place securely and havent slid of moved under my foot at all, and i have found a couple occasions already where the sticky of the rubber contacts has proved beneficial.
I installed mine the other night, am I'm loving 'em so far...
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