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Ever wonder how much weight savings can be obtained by removing all the air bags and install a Momo steering wheel? Just over 11 pounds:)

May not seem much to you guys I know but we expect to save approx this much weight in the areas below.

Airbags, steering wheel 11lbs
Seat brackets and seats, 25lbs at least
no rear speakers, 2lbs
engine cover, misc brackets 2lbs
glass top 45lbs minimum, maybe 50
hood 12lbs
hatch 25lbs approx
sound deadening 15lbs we will remove stock and do our own:)
middle rear seat belt 4lbs rear seat and belts can be removed for racing
stock radio 4lbs
spare tire, jack, etc 35lbs
exhaust system 20lbs
ABS 20lbs approx
cut off excess from all bolts,
brackets, misc 10lbs

Unsprung weight
Coilovers 8lbs
brakes 10lbs approx
tires/wheels/lugs 12lbs

260 lbs, that my friends is a huge amount of weight off the car!

Our turbo and computer, audio system will only add back around 100lbs

We will have a net loss of approx 160 lbs!

That my friends in the performance world is huge!!

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