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This was pretty interesting for me. I had no idea how a manual transmission worked till I read this. Don't get me wrong, I still can't explain it, but I understand it a little better now. I'll probably read it a couple of times before I fully get it.

Here are some of the topics you will find:

How Anti-Lock Brakes Work
How Automatic Transmissions Work
How Automobile Ignition Systems Work
How Brakes Work
How Camshafts Work
How Car Computers Work
How Car Cooling Systems Work
How Car Engines Work
How Car Steering Works
How Catalytic Converters Work
How Clutches Work
How Diesel Engines Work
How Diesel Two-Stroke Engines Work
How Differentials Work
How Disc Brakes Work
How Drum Brakes Work
How Four-Wheel Drive Works
How Fuel Injection Systems Work
How Fuel Processors Work
How Gear Ratios Work
How Gears Work
How Harley-Davidson Works
How HEMI Engines Work
How Horsepower Works
How Manual Transmissions Work
How Master Cylinders and Combination Valves Work
How Mufflers Work
How NASCAR Race Cars Work
How Power Brakes Work
How Rotary Engines Work
How Self-inflating Tires Work
How Sequential Gearboxes Work
How the Bugatti Veyron Works
How Torque Converters Work
How Tuners Work
How Wires, Fuses and Connectors Work

I think this should be added to the information section as a permanent link.

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590 Posts taught me a lot of things about cars. to bad it cant help me with the ladies.

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Thanks. I have been looking for just such an explanation about manuals for a long time. Maybe it will help me learn to drive one.

And Lance may be able to help with the ladies, too.

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Originally posted by basilisk4@Apr 20 2005, 01:26 PM
Do they have one on how monkeys work? I've always been curious about that.
Do they have any info on how trunk monkeys work? I'm really interested in that.
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