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How much will the stock 17 wheels sell for?

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Was wondering how much will the stock 17 wheels will sell for? Anyone have an idea of a price?
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I normally see them around $600 to 700 bucks on ebay (last time I checked)
I use ebay for all my market price indices. - t
I've seen sets of the factory tC wheels (with tires) LISTED for $750 on eBay for about three weeks. The highest I've seen a set SELL for, though, was around $470.
These wheels fit celicas, matrix, corollas, and vibes and they will be a great upgrade from the stock wheels available for those cars. I sold mine by posting on those forum sites in the classifieds section.

just 2 i tried off the top of my head
i bolted my stock 17's on my wife's matrix. two weeks later someone pulled into my shop in an xR matrix with tC 17's on it. window shopped my style. bastards.
they do look nice. shouldnt havea difficult time getting rid of them at all. wheels and tires for 600 is a great deal for whoever picks them up. stock matrix wheels from the dealership are about 340 apiece, no tires. so the stock tC wheels have to retail for at least that, probably more though i havent checked. still, even at 300 each, thats 50% savings, and free tires? i wouldnt sell for less than 600.
Yeah the guy who bought mine was happy to pay $600 and he just sent me pics of them on his lowered 03 rolla, they look great!!!! good luck all!!
The tire size is smaller than the tire that comes on 17" stock matrix wheels, though - ours is 215/45 and matrix 17" come with 215/50. You can see the difference, but you have to look very hard.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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