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how much wattage?

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i just bought myself an infinity kappa perfect 10 vq, and there is literally almost no money in my budget for an amp/enclosure anymore, but i'm going to squeak it out somehow

seeing as how i need to spend as little as possible, what is the minimum wattage you would recommend (and still sound great) for this 10" sub, in my tc? i'm thinking of getting an alpine mrv-t420 off ebay for cheap, and bridge it for 4 ohms. but there are two different specs listed for the amp when it's 4 ohm bridged into one channel: 240 watts at 12 volts, and 340 watts at 14.4 volts. i'm new at this, so can anyone tell me what kind of power i will be supplying my sub? the 340 sounds good, but i don't know how i will get 14.4 volts. or will i? thanks for any help.
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