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How much time will 10HP shave off 1/4 mile time?

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I was wanting to know how much time would be shaved of the 1/4 mile time, with an additional 10HP. I see that the TRD Supercharger adds 40HP. It take the the 1/4 mile time from 15.7, to 15.1. Does this mean that 10HP takes .15 HP off the 1/4 mile time?

I was wanting to know how much horsepower is lost for each additional 1,000 pounds. I heard that it was 50HP, and I heard 100HP. Can somebody please explain?
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Originally posted by filmnews@Jan 19 2006, 08:17 PM
Does this mean that 10HP takes .15 HP off the 1/4 mile time?
Did you mean .15 seconds ?

Even with just aftermarket tires will make a slight difference and that doesn't increase horsepower...
google search for ray halls calculator and have fun plugging in numbers til your head spins off.
Yes, I meant .15 seconds.
Best thing you could do is get a short shifter, better tires for

acceleration, and with the exhaust. Then practice and better your skill.

I've seen people driving porches who are running 17's. after 10 runs

they got better and dropped near 3 seconds on better driving alone. It's

cheapest and easiest way. i know it doesn't answer your question but i

just thought it's something you might want to think about.
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one word. Turbonator.
Originally posted by ALaS@Jan 19 2006, 07:58 PM
one word. Turbonator.
How did I forget that?

SpeeedTc, I am currently running a 15.7 with everything stock. I think that some different tires might help.
I think the cheapest way to get the most power out of the tC is as follows:

Manual transmission
Wide slicks
Short shifter
Lighter flywheel
Take out that god damn subwoofer & amp.
Loose some weight you fatty.
Learn how to drive your car.

After the above, your $/hp gain goes up substantialy.
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man u forgot the stickers!
Stock SC tCs are running aywhere between 14.6 to 14.8, so that 15.1 is pulled out of the editor's anus. But I'm not complaining - less people want a blower and more surprise factor for me
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^^^ fo sho.
If you watch edmunds Injen tC video they use a 50 shot nos kit. They coun't get it below 15.5 so I asume they can't drive worth a shot. Last year I ran consistant 15.5's at sac raceway with just upgraded tires.
Knowing how to drive the car at the Strip is helpful.
google search for ray halls calculator and have fun plugging in numbers til your head spins off.[/b]
i found my next project i need a 500 lb car and 100000 hp and i can have a 1/4 mile time of .99 seconds
is it unreasonable to thnk that a auto tc with good tires and exhaust could run in the 15s?
Can someone explain why a shortshifter will decrease your 1/4 mile time?
It might and it might not. If it helps you shift faster, it may reduce your ET. If it doesn't help you shift faster, then there will be no difference.
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