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How much interest?

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Just curious, for those of you financing your tC, how much interest are you paying?
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5.5%. Not all that much principal, though, so it's not particularly important what the rate is.
2.9% through Toyota Financial with nothing down.
Originally posted by Wolo@Oct 7 2004, 07:44 AM
2.9% through Toyota Financial with nothing down.
2.9%??? Where did you find that great deal??? The lowest they were offering in mid-July was 4.95%.
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They offered me that 4.9%. Then they ran my credit and gave me 2.9%.
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Ah man... I got excellent credit... they didn't offer that to me!!!
I rule.

As does the Maita dealership I went to, of course.
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Thats ok... I'm paying mine off early so in reality... I'm not going to be charged the full 4.95%.

Next time... I'll keep Miata in mind eventhough its like hecka far away.
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I'm going to pay mine off early too, so its all good.

And its "Maita" not "Miata" silly!
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I was in the highest possible credit score bracket, and 5.5% was the best they offered. 4.5% was the lowest anywhere when I applied.
Mee too...

Oh well... maybe they gave him a lower rate because of his charming personality??
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My tC was paid for by cash but I had looked into leasing and the interest would've been 4.5% ish.
4.09% via Chase Manhattan ($2000 negative equity), while my credit union could only offer 4.74%. Lowest that Scion booklets showed was 5.5% - that's scary.
5.24% out to 72 months.... zero down
through our credit union....
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4.75% here Maita toyota could have gotten me 4.5%, but I had already talked to my credit union, and the difference in that .25% is basically nothing over the course of the loan.
Actually, my rate was 5.05%, but with this fee that they add into it, the "effective" finance rate is 5.50%.
i got 4.5% for 36 monts, but my dad was the primary borrower, and I was the secondary. I'm 21, so don't have too much credit history, so fugheddaboutit.
wow wolo 2.9 is quite a deal, but whats the course of the loan? im guessing 36 months?
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