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How much did you pay for your TC?

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Hey guys,

I'm from Autoweek magazine. We currently have a long term TC and are about to run a intro article for the car. However, we need to have a little info from you, the owners.
So... Could you send an email to [email protected] with the following information:
1. Price you paid before taxes
2. Other vehicles considered
3. Your likes/dislikes about the car

Thanks alot from all of us at Autoweek.

Jon Wong
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1. Same as everyone, 15900
2. Mazda3, RSX, chevy cobolt.
3. Likes: Everything Dislikes: Cheap feel in somethings, and rattles.
price before tax and license : $16,610 including delivery fees and floor mats.
considered : used civic si, used prelude
likes : outracing $30K cars for that spot in the freeway, smooth solid power, the stares on the road.
dislikes : hatch rattles, dammit.
1. $17,368
2. Civic EX, Chevy Cobalt, Mazda3, Mitsu Lancer RA
3. Likes: Nice pick-up, great bang for the buck, Toyota name
Dislikes: Cheap feel in some places.
1. Everybody paid the same base price and different taxes/fees. I got the barebone 5-speed - which is $16500 or so. Taxes differ for everybody, dealer fees differ, too - so I don't see the point in this question.
2. Nothing - I did not need a new car - I just wanted a tC.
3. Best bang for the buck, looks, easy to work on, SC coming
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1. 16500 before tax + 125 for mats
2. Mazda 3
3. Likes: Ride comfort, Bang for the buck is amazing, Toyota quality/reliability, interior quality, STANDARD FEATURES are amazing - everything you could need, panoramic sunroof is sweet, performance is great for the money, rear seat versatility makes for awesome cargo room, also rear passenger room is unbeatable.

Dislikes: dealership service department, lack of steering stereo controls, rear trunk is small.

Overall, still love the car.
Didn't he want all that stuff in an email?

1. Same as everyone else.
2. Mazda 3, Acura RSX
3. Likes: Good compromise of power and gas mileage, heads turning, can't beat the price for what you get.
Dislikes: Uuuuummmmm. My hatch doesn't rattle, so nothing comes to mind.
When will the article be out? I would like to pick up a copy of it.
1. 16,500 same as everyone else
2. Mazda6S, Mazda3s, Rsx, Subaru 2.5rs (used)
3. The Fact that it isn't another HONDA piece o' $#!% car
Somebody can email him the thread
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I was wondering if I was going to be the only one who actually e-mailed him like he asked..
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Originally posted by basilisk4@Feb 11 2005, 05:52 PM
I was wondering if I was going to be the only one who actually e-mailed him like he asked..
Yes, Marty, you are the only one. Others don't want to give their real email addresses to some unknown dude.
Yea, as if my e-mail address is so difficult to figure out...and I NEVER get any spam.
1. 16,500 same as everyone else
2. Mazda 3, Honda Prelude
3. Like the base msrp and all standard equiptment and the appearance.. don't like the paint and how difficult it is to maintain a Super White.
I had no intention of emailing him, but that's just because I'm lazy. I'm not very protective of my email address.
1. tito
2. mazda3, mazda6, 95 celica but wanted tc 9999x more
3. likes: quiet ignition, no rattling (cuz i got it late), everything else
dislikes: lack of rear wiper, heavy doors, long-throw clutch (my shoe gets stuck under the dash...

someone comment on the clutch and the wiper?
As for the wiper, I've never really thought it was necessary. There was a separate thread about that a few weeks ago. As for the the clutch, I've never had any trouble. What size shoe do you wear?
im my shoes are 10.5-11 us...

so they arent taht big =/
Mine are 12. I know your problem, it goes away in a couple of weeks when you find the sweet spot.
Mine are 12s as well (depends on the brand of shoe though). I was worried about having trouble with the pedals being too close or running into the transmission tunnel, but I fit very comfortably.
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