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Originally posted by east_side_oyster@Jan 3 2005, 01:25 AM
...I want good SQ and nice tight thinking of just puttin 1 12 infinity kappa perfect in my Tc...
For "good SQ and nice tight bass" I would recommend 10's over 12's. Generally, 10's are tighter, due to less moving mass. It's easier for the motor structure to control the cone motion. 12's typically are more "boomy".

A sealed enclosure will play lower, produce the flattest response, and most musical and tightest bass for SQ. Porting the enclosure will give you more output and increased power handling, but are usually more "boomy" as well. Bandpass enclosures will give the most output, but are the least musical, producing a monotone bass note (playing only a very limited bandwidth, usually in the 50-80 Hz range).

My suggestion is to use a single sealed 10, with adequate power, and in the proper enclosure size, which is very important! I'm using a 500 watt RMS Alpine SWR-1042D Type-R dual 2 ohm VC 10 (new 2005 model, shipping in Feb) in a .74 cuft sealed fiberglass custom enclosure, running 700 watts RMS (350 watts to each VC) and it sounds awesome!! Very impressive for a single 10!!! Plenty of output and very accurate, tight and musical.

If one 10 is not be enough bass for you, you can always add a second one. Doubling the surface area will move twice as much air, and play louder. For me, one 10, with plenty of power behind it, in a sealed enclosure is just right!

Let us know what you decide...
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