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How long was your wait?

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Hey all! I ordered my tc about a week ago and the wait is killing me! I know it's gonna be a while, but I was curious how long all of you had been waiting before your car came in?

Also has anyone in the san diego area dealt with Kearny Mesa Scion before? Thanks!

UPDATE: I got my new BSP tC on Friday! Haven't gotten a chance to tell everyone cuz I've been too busy putting the miles on it! It really is a great car!
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Welcome to the site... and yes I've heard of them before... I got my tC from them. Whats up?? I don't remember how long I waited... but I think there's already another thread talking about wait time. If you use the search function, you can find out how long other people have waited.
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I waited notta, because my kick ass saleswoman held every white scion they were allocated until I FINALLY got my job offer.

But really , it depends on where you are and what your ordered. I was told today that a manual with SAB would take over 2 months today. :/
I waited about an hour because thats how long it took to fill out the paper work.
i'm still waiting too...i know its very hard the first week. But after that it's manageable
As for me i was informed by my lovely "dealer" who is also on this site that i should get it around the 15th of October. I put myself on the waiting list labor day...not too bad in my mind. Good luck hopefully you'll get it soon...and i hope the same for me too hehe.
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My wait was like 2 weeks tops...but there's people on the waiting list since July and they still haven't gotten there's. I just got lucky I guess
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My wait was only two days long, but it sucked badly 'cause I accidentally sold my car before I ordered my tC. *shock* Fortunately for me, I lucked out and my dealer randomly got in a Flint Mica tC two days later...
I waited 6 weeks until I got "the call" that it was in. The dealership couldn't tell me an estimated delivery time, just "sometime in September.. maybe.." and one day it arrived.

Why is that? I can track a small envelope sent by the post office all the way across the country, but Scion couldn't tell me when a large $16,000 automobile was scheduled to arrive in NY? Seems kinda silly, unless there's some kind of pecking order between LA and NYC.

dealers really dont have easy access to exact wherabouts of any car. all we know is what status it is in and a rough idea of when it should arrive. and then again some dealers a stupid too.
I only had to wait a week and the dealer through in a FREE interior light kit because of my wait
Scion of Orlando has been pretty great.
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The car arrived in 2 weeks, but I was out of town so I didn't get it until 3 weeks later. But, someone else ordered it and changed their mind. Oddly enough, it was EXACTLY the one I wanted (BCP, A/T, side airbags) so I made out pretty good
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I ordered mine on Sept. 18th & it arrived at port today according to my dealer.
I only waited one week. But thats only because some one else in front of me bailed out of the car.
i guess i got lucky
wow.. guess i was lucky. I went to the dealer on monday and they had one left so i didnt have to wait. The dealer told me if i wanted a different color i'd have to wait a few months.

hope you get it soon
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hey welcome to the site.. yeah my wait? 4 weeks exactly.. i've heard it's longer now.. like 6 weeks.. guess waiting lists are pretty long.. but hang in there.. it's worth the wait! nothing else out there compares!
It took 6 weeks for mine: Indigo Ink Pearl, 5 speed, side air bags, floor mats.
I spoke to someone at Kearny Mesa Toyota yesterday who told me their wait is 4-6 MONTHS for a manual transmission. I put an order in at another San Diego county dealer 5 weeks ago, and they don't even have anything on the horizon yet (they told me it would be about 3 weeks between allocation and delivery), so I know it will be at least 3 more weeks. I tried calling around to a few other dealers in So Cal, and one told me they had what I was looking for at the port, but they would only sell it to me after the port installed ground effects and fog lights. Isn't it hard enough to buy this car, without the dealers making it harder by ordering cars with the options THEY want, instead of ordering them stock, so we can buy the options WE want?
We bought ours in mid-July and at the time, if you weren't fussy about color and transmission, you could walk in and buy one that day (at least at the two dealerships we were at within a week's time).

We have a 5spd Black Cherry and it was the only one on the lot. In fact, after our test drive, we went in and started the paperwork, while - unbeknownst to us - someone else went out in our car, test-drove it and came in planning to buy it. Our transaction was already well underway by the time they came back and fortunately, the other guy was happy to take a silver 5spd home that day.

Hubby went back later and had the boombox put in, but other than that, we pretty much skipped the options. We intentionally bought at a dealership that didn't "preinstall" the spoiler, the sticker on the back, etc.
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