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How long is the wait?

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Hello, everyone!

I'm seriously considering a tC as my new car.
I've never test-drove it, but I've done some extensive research,
and it seems like a tC has everything that I'm looking for in a car.
I will need a car as soon as I get to the Bay Area in June.

But I hear that the wait list is pretty long.
How long is the wait now?
When should I place an order?

Thanks for your help, you tC lovers/dealers!
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The wait at Maita Scion in Sacramento is VERY short for EVERY color but Flint Mica.

My waiting list is now down to a handful of people. If you want a car in June, place you order with us and I can have a car here and ready for you in June. PM me for details and information.
im @ about 4 weeks wait ........ and still no word from the dealer. Im guessing its gonna push to six weeks. Orange County, CA here.
from what I hear, the waiting lists are getting a lot better than they were. I think you'd have the most problems with the most popular colors, ie the flint mica. In ordered an indigo ink in july, got it 2 months later. Now the dealership has at least a few in its inventory.
I had to wait 4 weeks for mine back in December. I don't see many on the lots here in Tampa, but when I was in Annapolis, MD a few weeks ago they must have had about 7 of them.
I was told 2-4 weeks. Someone cancelled, I was next on the list for BSP, and got mine in 6 days.
From what I was told, they truly are getting them in about 2-4 weeks, but that depends on the color. For my dealership, they said BSP wasn't as popular, so it would come sooner, than the silver, which had a 4-6 week wait.

Just depends on the dealership, and who's on the waiting list, and who wants what.

Good luck. BTW, you can test drive it when you get it, and if you hate it, you don't have to buy it.
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ordered dec. 6, told another 2-3 weeks last week... still one other person in front of me on the list... iip, manual, sab--la county here.
Well I ordered my indigo ink tc on Feb. 1st, roughly two weeks ago. I was told it takes about 4-6 weeks, I just hope they stick to that.
the wait is still that long? I thought things would have improved by now...

Oh... there is another thread about this topic. Please continue this discussion there. Thanks.
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