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Wow.. I guess I got lucky.

My old car got totaled, I waited a few weeks to try to find something used in my price range that I could get a loan for, failed at getting financed through the banks, called several Scion dealerships in Chicago and was told they have nothing in stock.

I called one dealership in St. Louis (home town) and was told "yep we have an 06 sitting right here, just got it" and said OK I'll be in St. Louis next week to pick it up. The only reason I waited was to get a cheaper plane ride, I could have had it that day if I wanted to go do the paperwork.

...and to think, I could be driving a 5 year old Blazer ZX2 right now...(after the accident I was paranoid and wanted something bigger regardless of the gas prices)...and having it break down every 5 months...
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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