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How Long Did You Have To Wait?

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I know my tC was in the Long Beach Port as of Friday...the dealor said it would be here by the end of the week, providing they don't put my accessories on there (ever heard of this???) otherwise they will put the accessories on when it get's here.

I have a funny feeling it will be more than this week before it is here but the dealor insists it will be here this week....

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I spent a couple weeks calling around to dealerships, asking what they had, what they could get, and waiting for them to call me back. I live in an area where I've got dealerships in different Toyota "districts", and they claim they can get different cars in different districts (but for some reason, a dealer can't access cars in a district other than their own...).

After a while, I got tired of screwing around and picked a dealership about an hour away who said he could get me what I wanted in 48 hours. Well, I gave him the go ahead to find me a stock Nautical Blue. I think it was on a Wednesday evening. He said it would be in by Saturday. I was out of town that week from Friday to Sunday. While out of town, I called in on Saturday to check in on my car's status. He said the car he had tried to get was sold before he could get it (it was in Georgia or someplace... this dealership is in North Carolina), but he would call around and find me another one ASAP. Well, I called him back on Monday morning, and he said my car would be in that night. I told him I'd be in the next day to pick it up, and I drove home with it that afternoon.

So... aside from all the phone calls and whatnot, it was less than a week wait to get the tC I wanted once I told the dealer to do it. And that was over a weekend, pretty much. This is probably a unique case though. Some people get a tC right off the lot and drive it home that day. Others wait a month or more to get specifically what they want. If you are getting accessories installed, more than likely the dealer has to order the parts.. wait a day or two for them to come in, and then spend a day (or more) installing them, so expect that to take a few days. In the end, it's probably easier, cheaper, and quicker to just get a stock tC (or whatever you can get your hands on... some come with acessories installed, like a spoiler or iPod player or floor mats), then buy your accessories through Sparks and install them yourself later on.

I just suggest you find something to occupy yourself with and keep your mind off of your car. And expect delays.. that way if it's on time, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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They told me 3-5 weeks. Mine came in 3. They told me when it was being shipped from japan, arriving form japan at some port, and when it was at my dealership.
hope you get it soon!
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This one is mine. I have already been approved for the loan. We didn't even start the loan process until he found the tC I wanted.

My dealor said it's mine and when it comes in, I get to drive it to make sure it's exactly what I want...then we sign the papers.

Does this sound right?
One jerk-dealor I talked to (not the one I am working with now) told me it could be upwards of a year and a half like the Prius!!!
dammit! I should have spell-checked *dealer*
I just suggest you find something to occupy yourself with and keep your mind off of your car. And expect delays.. that way if it's on time, you'll be pleasantly surprised.[/b]

oh JEEZ! this sucks.
You asked how long we had to wait... so I was just giving you the full story.
I can be long winded sometimes... sorry for that.

I did not finance my car through the dealership. I belong to a credit union which gave me a much better rate.

I did have to give the dealer my credit card number before he made the call to get the car inbound, though. Basically it was a $500 deposit that ensured I would buy the car. If I didn't, they'd keep my money. It would've been refunded though, if there was something defective with the car. Turned out he didn't even charge anything to my card, but if he had, it would've been taken off the price or refunded if I had wished.

So... I'm not sure what you're asking. If they approved you for a loan and ordered the car you asked for, I don't think they'd sell it to someone else, if that's what you mean.
Definitely drive it though, and inspect it thoroughly, and make them wash and wax and detail it. lol
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neo...stoppit!!! I wasn't complaining about your post. I think it's neat to see the different ways we secure our precious new wheels!

Basicly, I was just curious to see how long everyone had to wait and now I am seeing we all have different buying experiences anyways.
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Yeah... it really depends on the dealership, I guess.

Most of the dealerships I talked with on the phone only had one tC in stock. There was only one dealership that had a dedicated Scion section/department, and they still only had one tC (but they had just sold one, so I guess they did have two), aside from the one they had on display inside, which wasn't for sale. Seems like most dealerships in my area are just your basic Toyota dealer that has this new product forced upon them and they still haven't coped with it. I don't know how it is where you live.

The sales rep I dealt with was pretty much clueless about Scions and the tC, too. I knew more about the car than he did (and I'm not really a "gear head" either). I think he did take the time to learn up on it after I ordered it though.

Anyways... that's about all I know.
I hope it was helpful, or at least entertaining for a few minutes. lol
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1 month. Fresh off the boat from Japan. Worth the wait.

I can stay calm...I can do it...breathe hyperventilating...stop biting more a pack of smokes...
Your dealer already has you hooked on the tC... I doubt they would have any reason to lie to you about when it was coming in.

If you were asking when it would be in before you agreed to buy it, then they might be more willing to say it'd be in tomorrow when they couldn't get it til next week.

And yes, it's worth the wait, either way.
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Well, I'd say it's just a car, but I'd be lying. It's a way of life. What you drive defines you IMO. "you are what you drive." I think it's rather accurate anyway.

"What moves you?"

I know the wait sucks man. It was even worse for me though, honestly. My friend bought one before me! So I had to stare at his car everyday @ work. It was kinda depressing. lol. But then that glorious day came when my dealer called and told me to come down the next morning. I can't say I got any sleep that night. I was at the bank the next morning bright and early to get my cashiers check for the down-payment. Took like an hour to sign all the papers, and then I drove her home, only before stalling her right in the lot once...
But yeah, man, what a great feeling.

Get ready for the lookers
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It was..order, test drive , you like?, Me: yes, Papers, done.
Originally posted by serith@Jan 3 2006, 11:14 PM
. My friend bought one before me! So I had to stare at his car everyday @ work.

I was talking with a *friend* in November at work about how this was the car for me, this is what I wanted, this is why...we went on together, looked at tons of pics together. I told him January is the month for me because that's when my budget would be right with the world.

A week later, he went to a Scion dealer and looked...just to look he said...he bought one on the SPOT!

Then he thought it would be funny to park it in MY parking spot the next day when he came to work in it....
Wow.. I guess I got lucky.

My old car got totaled, I waited a few weeks to try to find something used in my price range that I could get a loan for, failed at getting financed through the banks, called several Scion dealerships in Chicago and was told they have nothing in stock.

I called one dealership in St. Louis (home town) and was told "yep we have an 06 sitting right here, just got it" and said OK I'll be in St. Louis next week to pick it up. The only reason I waited was to get a cheaper plane ride, I could have had it that day if I wanted to go do the paperwork.

...and to think, I could be driving a 5 year old Blazer ZX2 right now...(after the accident I was paranoid and wanted something bigger regardless of the gas prices)...and having it break down every 5 months...
I'd have left his car on cinder blocks.. that would be funny.
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I waited like 3 weeks to a Month - I started really looking in August, and test drove one. I couldn't find one around here in the color I wanted, so I asked my parents to look (they live up in Vermont). Lo and behold - they had the color I wanted coming in! So, we put a deposit down on it immediately, and after a few weeks of waiting, I went up there and picked it up.

Yes, they do sometimes put the accessories on at the port. Sometimes they arrive with them already installed, as well.
Waited almost two months. I was originally going to get a BSP, and then when i was suppose to go pick up they said, " um..oops, your car never came in because we sold it." And i was PIST. I wanted either BSP or Silver. And then they said they had a Flint Mica coming in next month, and i needed the car to get to work so i agreed.
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