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How do TInts look?

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I just got a new tc and was wondering what tints would look like on the car. Does anyone have any pictures of what their own tc cars look like with tints?
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I did 35% sides and 20% in the back.

I have yet to see a tC with an ugly tint job. The dark colored glass on top seems to make these cars look even better with tint.
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Wow nice house in the background...i don't know, i just got the release series, not much out there to compare with. I have no idea what to do with it. Don't want to mess it up
tint that car. fast. 5% around the back. you will be very pleased with the looks, i assure you.

do it.
How much is tints on the front and back gonna cost?
Originally posted by LiloNugget@Apr 21 2005, 12:43 AM
How much is tints on the front and back gonna cost?
I payed $190.
I paid $100 for Llumar 15%. Going to retint side windows this weekend with 25% - no more mailboxes for me
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hey zoltiz, can you post pics after you get it done so i can see what yours looks like?
i got mirror tint on my super white and it looks soooo clean......
Car looks HOTT man ^^^! Beautiful... i like the calipers red too. Beautiful. Yes I can't wait to tint my car. TCBooster, any pics of your white tC with the mirror tints?
Here's some fresh pics for you of my Flint Mica with 30% Front and 20% Rear.

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Yeah, the tC really looks great with tint! damn, maybe i'll do that today... but it is raining..... hmm.....
As for the cost question, I paid 160 for mine. It's the top of the line 3m stuff. Very nice.
I paid $120 for three windows and $140 for five windows and a visor in California where everything costs more.
anyone have pics of a superwhite with the rear and quarters done? You can't tint the front windows here in MI.
Got tint redone with 35% tonight. The tint guy said that I'll come back in 3 days cause it's going to be too light and I will hate it. He even said he'll redo it for free... But I like it. Parked tonight without having to roll down the windows. I think I can live with 35/15. Will get pics up tomorrow if it will be sunny.
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