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How can I do this?

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Over at ScionLife, someone has a picture-walk-through of a factory sub and interior lighting installation. Something cool he did was install a simple on/off switch for the sub near the side-mirror controls...

I know how it's done- just take the remote amp lead wire through there and have it connect/disconnect. I really like this idea, but how do you get the wire over there with the knee airbag in the way? Also, for those who might have installed the fog lights, how do you pop out those plastic "plates" to put a new switch in? I'd love to see a picture if possible, but I'm not trying to ask anyone to bend over backwards! Maybe, a PDF for the fog light install?

I also would be interested in making it reversable, so I guess I'd have to find a similar sized piece of plastic to mount the switch in so I can put the old one back if i need to.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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I really liked it when I first saw this a while back.

If I install either pieces (sub or fogs) I'm going to do the same thing.
o0o0o0o0o i wanna do that
I did it. Its really easy. The platic plug thing just pops out from behind. If you take of the fuse door thing below it, you have all kinds of access to it.

In my case, I wired my sub amp to the switch. I fished 2 wires over the top of the steering column, one for ground and one for power. Hooked those to the stereo's remote power and ground (be sure to fuse the power). Ran my switched lead along side the door seal to the amp. And that's it!

And as far as being reversible, I don't see that happening because you will have to drill a huge hole in the center of the plug. I'm sure you can buy one at a Toyota dealership for a few bucks, though.

Over the steering wheel? Can you see them or do they kind of get "sucked in" when you drape the wires back there?
And, when you say it pops out, do you mean one of the four little panels are the whole 4-panels-and-mirror-ctonrol panel?
Well, the wires go back far enough you don't see them at all. Once to get in there you'll see what I mean.

And the little panels pop out separately. You don't have to take the whole panel out. Take the fuse door thing off, and get your finger and pop one of those little plugs out. They have little tabs holding them in to the larger panel. I think they are just delete panels for different options that may or may not come out for the tc.

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