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How are the Alpine sps-170a 40rms speakers?

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How are the Alpine sps-170a, I cant get them for 50 bucks, but I dunno how good they sound. Also, I am looking for a good amp, but low on cost. I need a 4 channel amp to power four speakers because I am getting rid of the head unit and adding in a PC instead. I will take any other reccomendations for amps and speakers.
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The SPS-170A's are a good entry level speaker. They would do quite nicely to upgrade the rears. I wouldn't use them for the fronts, though. I'd go w/ some components up front like the SPS-171A's ($199.95 Retail) or step up to the SPR-176A (if you can find them, discontinued). New SPR components will be released in mid Feb. The new model # is SPR-17LS for $249.95 Retail. Hope this helps!

EDIT-Good price on the SPS-170A's by the way. Retail is $99.95!
How much power are you looking for in an amp? You can pick up a nice 160W 4-channel Alpine for bout $200 (MRP-F240) or step up to the more powerful MRV-F340 240W for bout $300 on closeout (discontinued). The new MRV-F345 (300W) will be shipping mid Feb and will run bout $450 if you're willing to wait. Check the Alpine website for specs on all three models.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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