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We put the Hotchkis sways in my IIP last Sunday along with the Tein SS-Ps (also reviewed here).

They definitely deliver flat cornering. With the Teins and the Hotchkis, the car corners unbelievably flat now, and is really crying for more camber to really hook up. I have them set to the street settings and they work quite well with the Tein coilover spring rates.

Install is NOT for amateurs. The rear is straight forward, but be sure to use the hardware they provide to mount the brackets. The OEM bolts doesn't like to fit with the new bushing mounts. You can make it work, but it's a lot easier just to use the hardware Hotchkis provides.

The front is where it gets dicey. The instructions are very clear on most of the install, but miss one important thing: be absolutely certain to push the mounts as far aft as you can in the car. If you don't, the bar will rub on the subframe and chew up the nice red finish Hotchkis provides. I think it is imperative to check the clearance on the bar before putting the wheels back on.

Also, you will REALLY want air tools to do this because you must lower the entire front subframe to get to the mounts. This is NOT for the faint of heart, and I would only recommend this install to experienced mechanics. It is possible for an amateur to complete the install, but it will be a really long day, and if you get it wrong, the fundamental integrity of the entire front suspension could be compromised. Weigh your options before deciding to do this yourself.

In the end, it's a great mod, just be sure you have the right skills and experience before jumping into the install.
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