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Our project car is apart far more than together so not much time to drive it yet but we finished putting the parts above on and we did some preliminary alignment work to get a baseline for fine tuning as well learn more of how this will all work together.

The FSB will go in when we install the custom Chutch Specialists flywheel, 6 puc sprung clutch and PP as well as the Phantom Grip LSD, this should be done within the next week. We will modify the stock engine mounts to eurathane ones at that time also.

For now the coilovers are about 3/4" from the lowest setting, the rear sway is on the softest setting as well due to the front not on yet. The shocks are set nearly to the softest settings as the car is stipped out and weighs far less than stock right now.
Front Camber is approx -1.5, rear -.5(testing settings to promote neutral to slight oversteer as we wish to have for autocrosses, etc)

Installation for everything was very smooth, the rear camber units from Hotchkis are suberbly made and easy to adjust, really glad we recieved them, they will go to very very good use.

We are running Enkie PRF1 in 17x8 +35 offset with 235/40/17 Hankook R-S2's for our rain tires. Another set of Enkeis will be shod with dry day slicks, yet to be determined.

Right now the ride is a bit bouncy with the low weight but today we went to a small show/audio comp and loaded up a canopy, handouts, samples, cleaning gear, materials for prizes to give the promoter, our 15" sub and amp system and front components, etc. This would approximate the stock weight.

Ok, all that said, the ride was far better with some weight in the car, tuning is not done yet, etc, etc. bottom line, WOW!!!!!! The car turns in very predictably, easy to late brake deep into the turns and power out with the nice torqey 2.4(stock for now, turbo soon) We went on a very narrow, twisty and bumpy back road and though bounced around abit the car was exceptionally well planted at all times, went exactly were I pointed it, no noticable body roll at all, pushed it about as hard as I dare on the bad road and it just hung like it was glued down.

Wednesday I went through some mountain freeway roads, 200 mile round trip, I generally drive 5-10 over on public roads at the most especially there, to many cops but in the more interesting section I was pulling 100+MPH out of turns posted at 50 with absolute presise control and not a bit of worry except what may be around the corner out of site so I slowed back down. Now our car has grown from a dang fine looking and well built car with great handling potential but some serious shortcomings to a very very dynamic driving machine that is far to fast to use on public roads safely at the limits it now has but one glaring issue needs addressed to acheive our ultimate goal so....

Next up, CF roof one way or another I will make this happen. The heavy roof is the only thing I felt during fast transistions that upsets the chassis and it is very very noticable and will hinder our autocross sessions so it has to go!

Thanks to Wes and all the guys at Hotchkis for building some exceptionaly great suspension upgrades for a really cool car and for backing us in our quest to have a do it all audio comp, SCCA SM class autocross, drag race, track day, dang fast streetable tC. Proof of the greatness of these products will be following when we get ready and start racing our baby in the next couple of months;)

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