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Hotchkis or Tein?

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I picked up the Hotchkis Spring the other day but a friend of mine at work is telling me they are crap and to go with the Tein's.

Now I have not been all over YSTC trying to find something bad about the Hotchkis to make it worth while sending them back. So far I have not been able to find really anyone that has not liked the Hotchkis springs here on YSTC or on SL. Any input?

Is there really that much of a difference other than maybe the height when all is said and done? From what I have seen from a lot of posts the height is very close to the same.
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I think its really personal preference cause BLSurfer has the Hotchkis and he loves them while others have Teins and love them too. I think both have about the same drop but the brand name "Tein" is more well known.
hotchkis strut and springs !
Tein S-Techs i think they are the best. I got a thread with pics in this forum.
Tein SS-P. Kicks the snot out of all of them.
^^^ hands down.
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