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Has anyone heard any company making any force fed induction systems for tc to boost the HP and Torque. IM pretty sure Toyota's solidly built engine could hand a gentle force fed push wether it be a intercooled turbo or a blown supercharger (non dealer installed please
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keep checking on, they are working on something and are in the final phases of production. i think the company is called solid tech or solid works.
Thanks for letting me know about the development but the site is not up as of yet
My company is in the begining stages of development of various performance parts for the TC. The first parts available will be the air intake system, headers, and exhaust systems. Next will be 3 to 5 stages of turbokits, with turbo exhaust systems also available. Also starting in January we will begin development of intercooler kits and supercharger pulleys, so you can turn up the boost on the TRD supercharger, and we will be developing headers specifically for the S/C version. There will be many options available, as R&D progresses. We own two domains that are under construction at the moment, they are, and When they open up I will let every one know.
hey thats cool but what company do you work for? Also id be more than willing when you guys start developing the Turbo kits and Intercoolers to donate my car to test it out on. PM me if you need a donor car ill make sure its worth your while i really want some more HP and Torque. Also will you be developing Turbo Timers and Lag Boosters with it?
Where are you located?? We are actually looking for a couple more cars for testing. Specifically some automatic versions. We are located in Hollywood Florida. My company is Jamasco Race Engineering Inc.
Turbo Timers are made by other companies... and a lag booster? what is that? TurboXS makes a turbo timer, greddy makes a turbo timer...

Turbo kits? let me know when they're complete! Thanks for the info... nice celica by the way!
Sorry i guess its a no go im in Hollywood CA and have a 5spd so i probably wont fit your requirements unless you want to ship a kit out here and have someone you know install and dyno if you can im interested but if not well its ok i believe ssr engineering is looking for a test vehicle for their turbo kit.
lol! I'm getting my car from Hollywood Scion. I'm looking forward to seeing what aftermarket parts you guys are going to make.
Sup, jsm001, im just 1.5 hours north of you. If you need a donar car, i am availalbe. Send a PM with what you expect to do.
Hey Tak...a little of subject, but do you have pics of your custom box? I'm debating on whether or not it's worth getting a custom made and pics of any others would be really cool to see....

Well its still in the works. The custom box though is custom fiber glass enclosure molded to fit the width of the trunk right behind the second row seats. however they have a plexiglass front and rear showcasing the 2 12 in L-7's and the blue neon light so that in the back facing the trunk, the subs are glowing in a Bluish hue while if you fold the seats down the Backs of the subs are showing still glowing in a bluish hue wid custom decals on the plastiglass. Also the 2 Alpine Class D amps are molded and bolted on to the sides of the trunk each connected to one sub. Its being made right now and will probably fitted with all other custom work in about 2 weeks so ill update wid picutres then. However i might change my mine on how to customize the subs so it may be different but the one i just mentioned is my top pic right now
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tell us how it thumps and what rattles.
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