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Horrible Stick Lesson Story

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for some reason i didnt think teaching a friend to drive manual in my car would be that bad. it all went pretty good except for one freak accident. she tried shifting from 2nd to 3rd, but instead, she SOMEHOW grinded into 1st. the car jolted madly to a quick stop and now im terrified that there are synchro or gear teeth floating around in my gearbox. we were probably going 23 mph and it jolted to a stop after about 2-3 carlengths. i was just wondering what possible damage could have occured. it seems to drive fine but im scared theres broken metal everywhere. what should i do?
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If you clutched correctly, you didn't hear any grinding noise there is just a little wear on the clutch, you are probably fine 23 is well within the range of 1st.
oh it wasnt me driving. i was teaching my friend and she definately grinded into first so the whole car just jolted to a stop and there was plenty of grinding to be heard. do you think anything major and terribly bad happened?
No, don't worry about it. After trying to teach my old cuzin he probably have done it a couple times. Just don't let it happen again.

Note: Don't let anyone who doesn't know how to drive manual transimission ever drive your brand new car. I rather let a friend get real mad at me then getting my transimmison weared out.
There is a little wear and tear on the synchros, but realistically you did nothing to the gearing itself, but i agree you shouldn't teach someone who has never touched a manual on your new car, at least i wouldn't. Buy them an old VW bug or a chevette, both very easy to learn on and disposable
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Yeah, the gear teeth are always together, no matter if you're in neutral or anything else. You just had some synchro wear and grindin on the dogs...nothing to worry about as long as it's an isolated incident.

BTW, I got what little knowledge I have about how a manual transmission functions from . They have an excellent article on manual transmissions. You should check it out. It will put you at ease about your tranny.

[Edit] I'm a horrible typist.[/edit]
hmm twice today, while starting off in 1st, it felt like i was starting off in 3rd gear. it was very bumpy and weak. both times i checked and both times i was in 1st gear for sure so i dunno what caused that to happen. can that be a result of a destroyed synchro? also i was thinking maybe a piece of shrapnel from that extreme grind could have been lodged somewhere causing such a loss of power. right now my car works fine, it only happened twice earlier this afternoon.
Sometimes my car does that when it is cold, if the car is new you could still be breaking in the clutch, mine had a jerkiness with that too. Get the car warmed up, if it doesn't do it all the time there is nothing wrong with your tranny it is probably still just breaking in.
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