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Okay, guys, how 'bout these (yes, I left out the blur filter; getting lazy)?:



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Is that... pink?
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The biggest nay physically possible!!!
Well, at least I'm getting better at 'chopping tint...

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Okay, how 'bout those two new ones?

Not bad...please Ed, no lies. I get sad.
someone didnt paint their lip kit.
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Uhhhhh...hmmmmm NAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
looks like a Flint Mica GFX kit on an SSM
second one is okay ed. I feel ya. Where did u get the tC on the side of the car from? Does my car have that? hmm :thinks about car:: nope i don't think i do. Ed Give me!!!!!!! :]
Originally posted by ALaS@Dec 31 2005, 03:15 PM
... Where did u get the tC on the side of the car from? ...
Go to your local dealership and just gank them off the back of some tC's there.
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Originally posted by phungy@Dec 31 2005, 10:03 AM
Not bad...please Ed, no lies. I get sad.
Alright; what's this about lies? lol!

You mean the girls? Definitely no lie! I called one up today to say happy new year's but the other one I didn't get her number yet. I wanted to go see her at a New Year's party her boss invited us to downtown but the roads are not fit for me to drive on today.

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Be a bum; have her pick you up.
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i guess i am the oddball out. i dont mind the bottom two at all, in fact i think its a pretty decent layout. i would not be mad at anyone i know for doing that to their tC. it isnt me, but it is clean and classic. but, i have a thing for kits and hoods being a different color, depending on the colors and the vehicle. when it all matches, i cant deny it looks good, even if i wouldnt rock it.
I actually think I like #3, how about matching your side mirrors to that color also.
I like #2 actually...
Hmm, for some reason when I cast my vote I only saw the first one. I kinda like the second one, although I would never do it to my own car.
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