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I was driving rentals for the past week and had 2 near-hits. Was driving to a wedding rehearsal in Denver during rush-hour traffic, a Grand Cherokee right next to me decided to speed up and slammed in the back of almost stopped Dodge Ram - poor rental Taurus that I was driving tried to flip over when I was avoiding the Ram that was pushed in my lane. Then tonight back in Atlanta I'm driving a rental Camry - traffic in front of me stops suddenly, I slow down relatively quickly - had plenty of room in front of me - Silverado behind me is flying too fast - had to sverve around me and jump the small divider into oncoming traffic. Luckily everybody on the other side of the road stopped in time.

Oh, on the way back from the airport I was in the cab and seen firetrucks and cops on the shoulder trying to get somewhere in front of us - when we got to the place that they were going to - there is an Impala facing opposite direction on the highway and a flipped completely over Explorer. SUV/truck drivers need to take driving school before they get a license...

And serith - don't get all worked up because of this little accident - find a good body shop that will fix you up and thank some deity for keeping you unharmed. As much as we love our cars - there are more important things in life. Looking at the fuzzy pic - it might be anywhere from $500 - $1K to get it fixed up. Bumper cover is $200 or so, getting it painted is another $300 or so, then there might be some other stuff that's not obvious.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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