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Hit A Fuc|<ing Truck.

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I dont have the nrg to explain this, but i just rear-ended a truck with no back bumper. The front of my grille got pushed back about 6", the front bumper is wrecked, and the hood is damaged. Does anyone have a clue as to how much I'm looking at to fix all of this? I'm getting it looked at tomorrow morning, ill know by then, but i was j/w.

Yeah, for those who know me, this isnt the first god damn thing to happen. I sware to god it's just a sign not to have this car.

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I was driving rentals for the past week and had 2 near-hits. Was driving to a wedding rehearsal in Denver during rush-hour traffic, a Grand Cherokee right next to me decided to speed up and slammed in the back of almost stopped Dodge Ram - poor rental Taurus that I was driving tried to flip over when I was avoiding the Ram that was pushed in my lane. Then tonight back in Atlanta I'm driving a rental Camry - traffic in front of me stops suddenly, I slow down relatively quickly - had plenty of room in front of me - Silverado behind me is flying too fast - had to sverve around me and jump the small divider into oncoming traffic. Luckily everybody on the other side of the road stopped in time.

Oh, on the way back from the airport I was in the cab and seen firetrucks and cops on the shoulder trying to get somewhere in front of us - when we got to the place that they were going to - there is an Impala facing opposite direction on the highway and a flipped completely over Explorer. SUV/truck drivers need to take driving school before they get a license...

And serith - don't get all worked up because of this little accident - find a good body shop that will fix you up and thank some deity for keeping you unharmed. As much as we love our cars - there are more important things in life. Looking at the fuzzy pic - it might be anywhere from $500 - $1K to get it fixed up. Bumper cover is $200 or so, getting it painted is another $300 or so, then there might be some other stuff that's not obvious.
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No way it's going to be that cheap to fix i think. I'll explain what happened later.. I'm still feeling REALLY ####ty about what happened.

Well, it was the first accident i've been in, and it all went pretty smoothly. Called 911, cop came in like 15min, he took both of our stuff, sat in his car for like 1/2 hour, gave the other dude a ticket for not having a rear bumper, and let me go with a police report. I called geico right when i got back to work, and i'm setup to get it looked at by an adjuster tomorrow morning @ 9am. Then i'm brining it to a good repair shop i know of (Nick Orso's in syracuse). Gotta pay the $500 deductable, and then wait for the parts and such to come in and get replaced.

#### sucks. I REALLY hope my rates dont go up a lot.

Btw, it's the hood/front bumper/grill
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u always have so many accident, last time u run off a ramp, then u hit a small tree/plant, not u rear end some1 else....
Yeah, I know, thnx man...

Me and the car don't seem to get along to well. Heh. But believe it or not, I still love driving it. Whatever, the accident sucks, but that's why I have insurrance. I'll get it appraised tomorrow and fixed soon.
I'm sorry you had this happen but like Z said, you're ok and in the end that is what its important.
Serith, maybe it's time to take a break or something. Have some tea and watch some TV. You are having wayyyyy too many little things involving you hitting something. And that something gets bigger everytime.

ps. like zoltiz said, don't get too upset. Cars do come and go. And it's good that it's happening to your 17k car. Just be more careful next time.
Yeah, but my "17k car" means just as much to me as most peoples cars who cost 2 and 3x that. It's the hassel more than anything, and the embarassment.

Whatever, that's why i have insurrance. Sorry guys, I didn't mean to make your premiums go up, lol.
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$2700 damage (from geico adjuster). I'm taking it to an expensive, really good body shop here in CNY. I bet they charge about double that. Not my problem though.

that sucks. I hope everything works out alright for you and the car.
You are having the WORST luck with a car dude, seriously.

Hit a bush, truck, I think you F'ed something up...NOT to hate, but DAYMN SON!!

How do they see $2700 dollars from that?!?
damnnn, how many times has your car been messed up? you need to get away from your car for a day, rethink the situation, and find out why you have so many mistakes with your car
A word of advice, small claims are one thing, big claims are another.
Any company that spends a bundle on advertising is not your best friend when the big turd hits the fan;) Big advertising is really big bucks spent on things other than taking care of customers.

Why I have had State Farm for over 20 years, takes awhile to get the rates down but now very competitive and they have taken incredible care of me and everybody I have ever known that had to use them for big claims as well.

You need a '77 Corolla
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Originally posted by courier11sec@Oct 25 2005, 09:18 PM
You need a '77 Corolla
You crazy? You want him to mess up a perfectly good 77 Corolla?

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y is the back soo high?
is that car been modded already?
Originally posted by vtecKiller@Oct 25 2005, 10:27 PM
y is the back soo high?
is that car been modded already?
I had 246/60r14 on the back with 185/60r14 up front.
I was going to put a 302 (Ford V8) in it, but changed jobs and couldn't come up with another shop to do the fabrication in.
you should rap a bubble around your car.. indestructable bubble wrap.. =D
lol guys

Blah. It's not so bad I guess. Yes, it sucks that this happened, and I probably will end up paying more for insurrance now. ugh.

I'm dead serioius when I say I've never had car trouble before I bought this tC. I really hope it gets better. My friends at work think it's going to be the death of me, maybe they're right :/

Anyway, to make my life even better... I was promised a set of stock wheels/tires that comes with the tC by default when I ordered the 18"s with perelli rubber. Oh, that never happened. Then I was promised a set of snow tires instead, oh.. that still isn't happening, and guess what? It's snowing here in NY. Then I was told I'd have a new transmission b/c of the problems I'm having with 2nd gear grinding, oh.. that's still not happening. The tranny is on backorder, and has been for a month.

I'm inches from just selling this car, and getting an RSX or something. I mean, wtf!
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