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HID retro fit?

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Hello there boys and girls I was just wondering if anybody out there was working on a HID conversion, or retrofit for the tC?? I am thinking of attempting it but am new to the HID retrofit. I am very mechanically inclined, just going to give it a try. Anybody have a cheaper price than $150 each for stock replacement headlights?? ( If anybody is working on this please show some pics with the specs of parts being used even if it is just under construction!! Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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$150 is probably as cheap as it will get, unless you are able to find a parts car as a donor, but this early on that will be hard to find. Just don't mess up the first time hehe
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I've been seriously considering buying an HID conversion kit and attempting to do a conversion in a couple months...anyone have any tips on this? I've been told that with most kits it's extremely easy, but I don't want to do anything that's going to require serious electrical work or drilling...
well i am looking at doing a retro fit, not a conversion, the conversions i have been told and have read that they have alot of glare when installed in halogen bulb headlights. If I do it I will be buying an extra pair of headlights to do it on and saving the stock ones (just incase i screw up!!!) but I think I will do an S2000 projector in place of the low beam, but I dont know if I will try and do both low and high. I was just wondering if anybody had braved the attempt yet!! check out the rolla at this link HID rollae22.html
Make sure you are not ignorant about HID's.

Retrofits are the best, but make sure your cutoff's are perfect, or what you would consider good enough.

I was thinking HID's myself, but would need to learn a bit more. Still, they are illegal to have since it does not come stock with the tC. So you better hope the Cops won't pull you over, and if they do, they will let you off. (Thats why you need good cut offs)
Plz, don't get anything higher than 6000K. 4300K is OEM HID's that are found in BMW's, etc. If it's the blue tint you are after.. I shall call you rice...

Nice link... thanks alot:) Man I wonder what the dimensions are on those Q45 projectors, they would look awesome in the tC low beam!!!
I'd love to do an HID conversion... but I'm gunna wait until one is made for the car or someone has done it and perfected the install with a retrofit. I think HID is amazing, and I kinda wish its something that was an option on our cars. I think i heard that the mazda 3 has an HID option. If anyone does the conversion, let us know and take pics of the process.
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