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HID conversion

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Hey all,

Just bought a Black Cherry tC and am waiting for the leather to be installed so I can pick up my new baby. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with installing HID lights in the tC. I have a 99' Acura TL with HIDs and they are great. I added the fog lights to the tC but would love to have HIDs. Anyone know of some good kits?

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thanks for the link, I did see that thread, but I was looking specifically for people who have purchased a HID conversion kit and their experience with it. Brand names, buy it don't buy it. Would just like some info. before I'm out $3-400.
I love the acura tl, im constantly on checking them out. I would have definetly gotten an used ABP TL-S over the tC if it wasnt for those damn tranny problems. A guy from is selling techone HID kits for 250 shipped but not sure on their quality.
what is techone? is that the brand or sumthing?
techone = cheap ass made in china, get McCulloch instead

I'm using OEM TL Ballasts/Ignitors w/ Osram bulbs (9006 rebased, you can find 'em on ebay). OEM quality is the best
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well since you asked, hella ballasts/igniters and philips bulbs are the best of the best... they're used in BMWs, Audis, so you can't go wrong.

other OEM brands include matsushita(acura) and denso(toyota/lexus)
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