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I know I've been a member for some time now but I dont ever remember having an intro thread. (sorry if I do, did a search and nothing came up) So I am formally introducing myself...

Hi! I'm a Scion tC owner, its an 06 Superwhite tC with rear bumper applique, mats, sport pedals, door sill enhancements, license plate frames, cargo net, iPod upgrade and wheel locks.

Actually here is my intro but it was in the scion talk category.

Scion tC is high in demand? (Pages 1 2 3 ...4 )
pinky25 Posted on: Apr 5 2005, 09:29 AM

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Views: 651  Hi all I'm kinda new to this forum. I'm in west texas and I just ordered my scion tC SuperWhite. I was told the wait was going to be anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Its been 2 days...the countdown has begun!

The 2 toyota dealers here in town had a total of 3 tCs. The first dealer I went to had a "demo" version which is the one they use to test drive and stuff and they had a black one that was ordered but the financing didnt go through for the guy. At the other dealer they had a blue one which the guy told me we couldnt test drive because it had just come in for a customer who was going to pick it up on the weekend.

I dont think that they are in high demand I think that toyota is just watching there production a little closer than other cars, since its a new model. But what do I know? 
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^^^Ya, what he said.
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