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Heya all tC fans, my name's Taylor and I ran across this site and found it useful and tasteful at the same time and would maybe like to hang out here.

I have a Manual 06 Black Sand Pearl tC purchased on June 30th, 2005. I traded in an xA I had for about 4 months when I repeatedly found myself staring at the tC pictures in the brochure even after getting the xA. I wasn't at first confident that the tC was within grasp for me financially. But just thinking of how much I'd love to own it, I know I could motivate myself to make it work, especially when the insurance would barely change too (suprising how cheap it is to insure the tC!). I found myself driving it all over Los Angeles on the first night I bought it. It remains one of my favorite hobbies to drive the tC anywhere in LA from the mountains to the coastlines to the streets.

So far I have only a few mods: the iPod stereo, a TRD Air Filter, and Kuhmo Ecsta SPTs, the most awesome upgrade imaginable =P.

Hope to have some fun chats and make friends! I've never been too good at being social on a forum, but all I need is a kick and I will get talking!
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