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"Hey man, what kind of car is that?"

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Today I had two different people, both complete strangers, ask me about my tC. One guy asked me how I liked it and then asked me about what came standard, how it handled, etc., and the other guy asked me what it was and complimented my wheels.

I gotta say, the comments and looks are pretty nice.
I never had anyone say, "Hey, nice Corolla," or, "Hey, is that a Supra?" when I had my Corolla.

edit: just testing something...... sorry- T
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No comment.

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We took my g/f's Forester to the shop, and the mechanic stopped to check out my tC on his way to get the info on her car! He said it looked "wild" and started asking me all about it.. He even asked if it was a conventional internal combustion engine -- He seemed pretty confused about what Scion was all about (all he had seen is the xA and xB) and what Toyota's goals were -- he thought it was a hybrid or something... then he guessed over $20k and almost fell over when I told him the price!!
<-- him, me -->

Anyway, he was really impressed!

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Great story, and I'd like to offer my condolensces to your girlfriend for owning a Forester.
Originally posted by basilisk4@Aug 19 2004, 12:53 PM
I'd like to offer my condolensces to your girlfriend for owning a Forester.
Well, she loves her Forester.. she needs the AWD when she's in VT winters.. hasn't had any problems with it, and her only complaint is that it's hard to stop.. (I drove it and told her it's just a heavy car, and she just needs to push harder on the brake pedal)..
Anyway, she was worried when I got my tC that she would fall in love with it over her Forester, but, she still has love for both cars.. loves my tC for me, and loves her Forester for her.

Haha.. she just reminded me that I have a friend (a total car guy) that won't even come check out my tC!! I was showing it to some other people at a party, and he just said, "A new car is just a car." and blew us off -- this is crazy, cause this kid is all about car talk!! Our theory is that he didn't want to see it cause he just bought a Corolla and is pissed cause he knows my tC's gonna be so much better!!
He won't even look at it!!

I love my car!

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I bet you're right about the Corolla guy. Speaking of which, I was back at the dealership yesterday, and I saw this Corolla XRS with a sticker price of $18,891...that just cracks me up -- people are paying more for a Corolla than I paid for my beautiful tC with tint, auto-dimming mirror, and blue light kit? Crazy.
I briefly considered the XRS before I knew about the tC... but to compare them now... HA!
I also thought about an XRS, but, in the end, it's still a Corolla. Plus they've already squeezed just about all they can out of the motor, so there's no additional potential. If I had bought a Corolla just before the tC came out, I'm not sure I could bear to look at one, either.
Id take the Corolla's build quality right now , thats for sure!!!!!!!
cool... now I get to share

We were going to dinner tonight, & were on our way from the car to the front door of the restaurant when I heard some voices behind us & all I could make out was something like, "hey that's the tC"
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driving around campus last night a TON of people were kept looking at my car...I wasn't sure why. I've been driving it for awhile now and I'm used to the occasional look but literally everyone I passed looked. I thought my front must of been busted and I didn't even know it, so I had to pull over in a lot to check it out.
I haven't been getting many looks but recently on the freeway a pretty blonde girl about late 20s (too old for me) gave me a thumbs up and lipped "I like it". She was in a white Landcruiser; it's all about Toyota love!
yeah the silver tc hasn't gotten much attention at all.. lol and actually I'm liking it.. hehehe..
I've had a few people compliment my new Lexus. Of coarse they were talking about my tC but I hardly want to correct them . I even had some lady drive up in a brand new loaded Acura TL and say how much she loved my car. She coulda bought two of them for what she paid.
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The other day I was meeting a client for lunch and he was running late. So I just sat in my car waiting for him to show up. While I was waiting, I had this businessman walk up to the car and start asking me a bunch of questions about the car, and the guy was really excited to talk about it.

After lunch, my client came by the car and was raving (and he owns a Corvette). Right as my client left and I got back in the car, two bums stop me and ask "Is that the new tC?"

Of course, they then asked for some money, but it was funny nonetheless.
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I have continued to get much attention -- and I've missed it for the three days that my car has been at the dealer, during which time I've been driving a nondescript tan '04 Corolla. I miss my tC.
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Originally posted by TCrazy+Aug 17 2004, 06:28 PM-->QUOTE (TCrazy @ Aug 17 2004, 06:28 PM)
<!--QuoteBegin-Eden Project
@Aug 17 2004, 06:26 PM
*ahem* not that i uh...uh...need any help or anything!
i gotta say........that post just made me laugh out loud!!!!!!!!! -T[/b]
that was a good one.....
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yup lot of peeps
stares at my tc......
i enjoy it.......lots of them seem interested wit the car.....glad ive got my tc....
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I agree... now that i'm driving longer distances and on main streets... I've also noticed an increase amount of "peeps and stares" on the tC.
It will take time to get used to though...
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