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I don't think you're gonna find anyone on the forums that is gonna tell you not to get one. We've had ours & love it!! Every bit of it... we're still finding out little cool things our car can do. Best of all.... It's a toyota... treat it right & take car of it... It WILL last you forever!

I'll make you a little pro/con list of my own.

Price to Standard option ratio is outstanding
Gas Mileage (depending on driving habits)
Roomy Interior (I'm only 5'8")
I can go on & on but these are the biggest to me.

Nose of the car is unseen ( By me anyways)
Blind spots at rear passenger window (if you've driven a Neon you'll know what I mean)
I think that's it.... really.

Dump the GA & get the tC!!!!
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