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Hey Everyone

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Hey everyone, just posting up in here before I post a classified ad because I think that'd be pretty rude to just use the board for that. Anyway, even though I'm looking to sell my tC and possibly some of my turbo parts that I've compiled over the past few months, I'd still be more than willing to share some info with everyone!
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what type of turbo parts?

sad to hear that your selling your tC... you must have your reasons as to why you need to sell it...

id be interested in buying the turbo parts you speak of depending on price and what you have to offer...
right now i have a t3/t4, a dsm 1g side mount, extreme boost controller, and some other random things like braided oil lines and what not. they're mostly spoken for in my area already, but if things fall through i'll post them up.
cool... keep me (if not posted
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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