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hey all!

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hello to all,

I've been browsing this forum ever since I came across the tC on the dealership. Ive been holding-up joining this forum untill i get my own. Well, it took almost 3 months. Can somebody tell me how hard it is to get a white tC with manual transmission.

I'll post some pics if you guys want as soon as the weather here in Jersey clears up.

Anyway... jiust saying hello to all.
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Hi. Welcome from another Jerseyite. Jerseyan? Where in Jersey you from?

I would shop around the dealerships (there are 3 that I know of in close proximity to myself in New Brunswick). Check to see what color they're getting in. You'll probably have to order it and wait a few weeks.

Edit: Oh wait... you got it already.... heh.

You should try coming to some of the meets in the area.
Hello and welcome
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thanks for the welcome.

krdshrk = im from east brunswick lol. I called all the dealership in the area and its really hard to find the color i wanted. i got mine in flemington. whew! that was pretty far.

yeah ill come to one of t he meets in the area. that'll be cool!
There's a meet tomorrow night down in Toms River off Rt 37. I won't be there, though.

If you ever see a Blue tC driving with "Scikotics" and "ScioNRG" stickers on the side windows, that's me.
i'll keep an eye on your blue tC.
Welcome to the forums... Grats on getting a SuperWhite... they look awesome.
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Welcome, be warned though.... we are not well in the head.
Originally posted by Plissken@Jan 3 2006, 04:41 PM
Welcome, be warned though.... we are not well in the head.
I noticed!

I've been browsing this forum for a while now and I think I'll fit right in. heh. thanks for the welcome guys and for the warning.
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Congrats on your purchase! Welcome!
Well, it's been a do you like your tC?
Welcome to the site! and awesome color. <3 sw
Originally posted by basilisk4@Jan 10 2006, 03:13 PM
Well, it's been a do you like your tC?
Well.. now its been 2 weeks now... lol

So far so good, Except for that minor TPM problem that I was having (which seems to be fixed now) everything is as expected. I like it a lot. Its a little "torquey" which is not actually bad. I really love driving it around. Now im saving up some money for suspension upgrades, coil overs, sway bars and such...

Also I get a lot of compliments heh.
I am glad you like your tC.
Welcome to the site!
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